1964 Fiat 2300s Coupe
These Grand Tourers were hand by Ghia, this example as had 5 owners and done 43,000 miles from new, she is in original condition, never rebuilt as she spent the first 23 years of her life in the South of France. She won "Best Car in Show" at the 2019 Coy's Concours de Elegance at Blenheim Palace, and has just completed the 2020 Rallye Monte-Carlo Classique 3075 miles in 7 days.
1934 Lancia Augusta Cabriolet
An original Lancia factory built Drop Head Cabriolet, now a very rare car. She has been a class winner twice at the VSCC Welsh Rally and class award winner at the VSCC Measham Night Rally.
1937 Hillegass Sprint Car
Believed to be Hiram Hillegass's 2nd race car, she uses 1937 Ford V8 axles and a Ford Model B engine and gear box. I bought her from Ohio in 2014 and fully rebuilt her with a full pressure oil fed engine, Crower rods, full race camshaft, a Thomas head and a pair of Stromberg 97's. Race winner at Silverstone and Mallory, and regularly placed at VSCC races and hillclimbs.
1928 Dreyer/Ford Sprint Car
Bought in 2016. Found in a Pennsylvania barn, believed to be a very early Pop Dreyer Sprint Car based on Ford Model A engine, gearbox and axles, with Dreyer chassis and bodywork. Engine is full pressure. The cylinder head, camshaft, inlet manifold and carburetor are all by Winfield. She has been freshly rebuilt and should be out in 2019